Mediation & Conflict Coaching

Jenny has an ability to stay calm when working with clients even when things become heated

People get on better with the right support.

Mediation provides a structured safe process for rebuilding relationships and restoring harmony.

Tensions at home, in the workplace, or in the community can be resolved creating effective communication and a positive atmosphere.

Jenny was professional, very perceptive and a great listener

Paula, Private conflict coaching client

Suitable for individuals, pairs and groups in any situation where conflict or tension has led to difficulty or a breakdown in communication.

For example, mediation and conflict coaching can help to resolve issues within:

  • Workplaces
  • Schools
  • Relationships
  • Educational organisations including universities
  • Charitable and community groups
  • Campaigning and political groups
  • NHS complaints
  • … and any other situations where there is conflict.


Where do you need some extra help?

Communication skills training can transform relationships between your employees, volunteers, co-workers, students or living companions.

Decision-making, team-working, problem-solving and job-satisfaction improve when people feel confident in handling difficult situations.

Jenny delivers the training with a touch of magic. She is exceptionally skilled in ensuring the engagement of all participants.

A wide range of training packages for individuals and groups is available, including lunchtime, twilight and half or full day sessions.

Previous clients include:

Jenny’s passion for passing on skills to others and equipping them to handle difficult conversations is infectious.

Carolyn Leary, Programme Director, CRESST

Mindful Communication

The principles of Nonviolent Communication (as expressed by Marshall Rosenberg) are embedded in the conflict resolution skills and processes I use and teach.

Whether used in mediation or conflict coaching, or developed through training workshops, the process allows for genuine, effective communication and listening, and a deeper understanding of the anatomy of conflict. The simple but powerful tool of listening for unmet needs and values transforms tense situations, bringing greater connection and creativity.

Click here for a list of universal human needs and values

About Jenny

I have over ten years experience and practice of Non-Violent Communication, undertaking regular training and supervision from Jayaraja (Mindful Communication trainer and experienced NVC facilitator/mediator). Jayaraja trained with Marshall Rosenberg, among other NVC trainers. I qualified as a mediator in 2015 with Peaceful Solutions (Mediation Skills and Theory) and gained further training, skills and ongoing support sessions from CAOS Conflict Management (Mediation, Conflict Coaching). I undertake regular CPD training and supervision in line with National College of Mediators requirements.

As a fully qualified and experienced teacher (QTS), I specialise in providing engaging, informative and useful training sessions for people of all ages and backgrounds who want to develop mediation or communication skills.

I work closely with several Sheffield charities, as well as providing relationship and workplace mediation, coaching and training across all areas. Recent work has included:

  • Mediating relationship issues, online and in person
  • Large group processes for campaigning organisations
  • Providing training in secondary and primary schools, charities, workplace, and community co-housing projects
  • Online conflict coaching sessions for individuals who want support with a specific situation or feel ‘stuck’ with an issue
  • Mediating neighbour disputes over noise, property and communication difficulties

At the heart of my practice is an ability to listen with full attention and to ask open questions that encourage reflection and support self-empowerment in clients. I use the NVC model to stay in touch with the unmet needs and values that can fuel conflict, reflecting these back where appropriate.

I am motivated by the belief that every person has the insight, tools and power to make a real difference in their own lives, if given the right support and space. Nobody wants to be stuck in conflict or tension. Mediation works because it helps those in difficult to understand themselves and each other more deeply and to co-create ways forward.


My standard rate for organisations is £75 per hour.

I offer a sliding scale for individuals and charities, please contact me for more information.

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