“Jenny helps people to find new perspectives on the situation to decrease the likelihood of further conflict.”

Marie Ellis, Managing Director, Mediation Sheffield (MESH)

Mediation is a conversation between a trained mediator and two or more people who are in conflict and want help to resolve things.

The mediator initially meets with each person affected by the conflict, so they can share their view of the situation and how it’s affecting them, explore perspectives on how to move through it, and decide whether they want a joint meeting with the other party/parties.

If those involved are willing, the mediator facilitates a joint meeting. This is held in a neutral location and is a dedicated space for those in discord to discuss and reflect on the situation, understand themselves and each other better, and identify realistic constructive responses. 

The mediator will listen, provide summaries, translate judgements into statements about needs and values, and ask questions that help the parties to address the key issues they have identified, so they can create ways forward in a shared attempt to resolve things.

Mediation is:

  • Owned by the participant/s, led by the mediator
  • Confidential and safe
  • Impartial 

Conflict Coaching

“The employee now approaches work/colleagues in a better, non-confrontational manner”

Glenn, Area Manager for a national public service contractor

This one-to-one approach is suitable for any individual who needs help with a specific issue or difficulty, where mediation is not appropriate.

It is also a highly effective and targeted method for untangling any inner conflict around a specific situation.

Conflict coaching takes place over one to three sessions, depending on the participant’s requirements. It provides a space for the participant to share their view of the issue or difficult situation, look at how it has been affecting them, and explore constructive, realistic ways forward.

Mediation and Conflict Coaching can help in any situation where there is tension, breakdown in relationships or practical issues that need resolving. This includes offering support for:

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Workplace issues
  • Young people and their families, educators or support staff
  • Student support within schools and universities
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Community groups
  • NGOs and Campaigning groups
  • NHS and other public bodies
  • Private organisations and companies

“Conflict coaching was a useful experience to help clarify my thinking around an emotive problem.”

Jordanna, private conflict coaching client